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Terms and Conditions

  1. These are the Terms and Conditions that govern how Mario’s Lottery Groups operate. By joining a group and participating in a group play, a person agrees to the Terms and Conditions contained herein.

  2. One must be at least 19 years of age to join a group and participate in a group play.

  3. Mario’s Lottery Groups purchases tickets from an authorized retailer of lottery products and tickets are not resold. The tickets are held in trust as per the Terms and Conditions contained herein. It is the responsibility of a person who joins a group and participates in a group play to be aware and adhere to any tax obligations and laws as they pertain to their country of residence. Canadian lottery winnings are not taxed.

  4. Mario’s Lottery Groups is a not-for-profit enterprise for the purpose of organizing lottery group play as promoted and encouraged by each of the five Canadian regional lottery corporations.

  5. When a person makes a payment for the purpose of joining a group, they only become a member of a group when, 1) their payment has been received, 2) acknowledged by Mario’s Lottery Groups and 3) assigned to a group.

  6. There is never a promise nor a guarantee that all requests to join a group will be processed in time prior to the respective draw. No group or group leader can be held liable for requests to join a group that are not processed in time.

  7. Prior to every draw in which one or more groups are participating, an email is sent to all members of the group or groups listing the number of shares in each participating group and the number of tickets bought by each group. In addition, if there is a change in the number of shares in a group between the time the email is sent and the draw, an update is made via social media; currently Twitter is the media used but this may change at the discretion of Mario’s Lottery Groups.

  8. All copies of all emails sent to the group membership prior to a draw are date and time stamped and stored on an email server owned and operated independent of Mario’s Lottery Groups and will serve as evidence of group membership.

  9. If there is a discrepancy between the contents of the email sent to all members prior to a draw and Mario’s Lottery Groups’ website, then the information contained in the email (and subsequent social media posts) will prevail.

  10. Each group that participates in a draw is divided up into a finite number of shares. All prizes are divided by the number of shares and each share is awarded an equal amount.

  11. All major prizes will be claimed using a legal trust whereby a representative of Mario’s Lottery Groups acts as the trustee of the legal trust. The money will then be distributed to each member of the group that claimed the prize via a traceable method such as bank transfer, money order, bank check, etc. Payments greater then $1,000 are never paid in cash.

  12. All costs associated with redeeming a major prize including travel to the lottery prize redemption office are deducted from the prize before distribution. All costs associated with transferring funds won to a member of a group are borne by the member receiving the funds.

  13. When a group wins a free ticket, the face value of the ticket is awarded to the group. For example, the group is credited $3 for each free Lotto 649 ticket and $5 for each free Lotto Max ticket. The free tickets are held until a future group play. The redeemed free tickets are allocated to the various groups participating in a group play. There is no attempt to allocate the free tickets to the same group that won the tickets.

  14. Tickets are assigned to a group for a specific draw if, and only if, a photo of the ticket is stored in a folder labelled with the group name and the group folder is stored in a folder labelled with the draw date and name of the game. A photo of a multi-draw ticket, by definition, will appear in more than one folder labelled with the draw date and name of the game. A multi-draw ticket may be assigned to more than one group. For example, a Lotto 649 ticket for the January 1, 2022 and January 4, 2022 draws may be assigned to Group A1 for the first draw and Group A2 for the second draw.

  15. If there is a dispute among members of a lottery group about any aspect of the groups’ play, the dispute shall not be resolved in the courts but instead will be resolved by an independent certified arbitrator selected by a simple majority of the members of the lottery group. The arbitrator’s decision shall be final. The arbitrator shall determine who is responsible for their costs.

  16. Mario’s Lottery Groups is not affiliated with, or represents in any capacity, the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation, the five Canadian regional lottery corporations or any other lottery corporation.