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Join the biggest lottery groups with the best strategy to win!

Mario’s Lottery Groups play Lotto 649 and Lotto Max in Canada; Powerball and Mega Millions in US; and UK Lotto and Euro Millions in Britain. Tickets are bought only when the jackpot is large in comparison to the odds and ticket price.

The cost is usually $20 per share per group and there is no limit on how many shares a group member may buy. All money collected is used to buy tickets. All money won is used to either buy more tickets or distributed to members. There are never any extra fees.

Mario’s Lottery Groups operates with full transparency. All transactions are posted on the website. Copies of all tickets are sent to all members prior to all draws. All tickets are bought from authorized lottery retailers and never resold to members.

The only way to increase the chance of winning is to buy lots of tickets. This is not an affordable option for individuals but is ideal when pooling money in a group. And since all players in the group get to share the jackpot, the best time to play is when the jackpots are large enough to share.

Winnings So Far
Mario’s Lottery Groups have won several medium size prizes but never a jackpot. The groups have come close to hitting the jackpot a number of times with a match of 6 of 7 numbers in Lotto Max, 5 of 6 numbers in Lotto 649 and 5 of 6 numbers in UK Lotto.

Mailing List
Click the join button above to register, get on the mailing and be notified of the next new group play. You will not be spammed and your email address will not be shared. A simple email request is all it takes to be removed from the mailing list.

Product names used in this web site are for identification purposes only. All trademarks and registered trademarks such as Lotto 649, Lotto Max, Super 7, Mega Millions and Powerball are the property of their respective owners.

Mario’s Lottery Groups is not affiliated with, or represents in any capacity, the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation, the five Canadian regional lottery corporations or any other lottery corporation. Tickets are purchased from an authorized retailer of lottery products and are not resold to group members. The tickets are held in trust as per the terms and conditions described on this website. Mario’s Lottery Groups is a not-for-profit hobby for the purpose of organizing lottery group play as promoted and encouraged by each of the five Canadian regional lottery corporations.