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Updated February 9, 2010

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Last minute group updates that occur just prior to a draw, will be posted on Twitter rather then sending extra emails. The following blog is a detailed explanation.

Mario's Lottery Groups is now on Twitter
Posted October 7, 2009

What is it? Twitter is a social networking program that allows people to easily and conveniently communicate. Mario's Lottery Groups Twitter address is The site can also be found by searching on Twitter for the name MariosLotteryGroups.

Why Twitter? There are a number of reasons and useful purposes for using Twitter.

First, it can be a more convenient method of communicating to group members. Email will still be the primary method of communication. But there are situations where additional emails must be sent prior to a draw. Prior to all draws in which one or more groups are participating, an email is sent to all members with the final total of shares and tickets bought for the draw. Sometimes there are last minute additions to the groups. Another email is sent to inform members of the changes. There is the potential for multiple changes prior to the draw resulting in multiple emails. The multiple emails can be a major inconvenience to members.

This is where Twitter can be used. Rather than send additional last minute emails prior to a draw, the option of posting the changes to Twitter may be used. If members choose to follow MariosGroups with notification, then an email or text message is sent to them with the Twitter posting. This way, members are in control. They can choose to receive the additional pre-draw messages or not. In either case, the post draw email will contain all the last minute changes. The Twitter term follow is similar to the concept of subscribing. That is, by following a Twitter account, a person is subscribing to all posting to the Twitter account. These options can be turned on or off at any time. The member is in control of how many messages they receive and when.

Why even bother with any last minute emails or messages before the draw? This brings us to the second and most important reason for using Twitter. The number of shares and tickets involved in a draw must be finalized prior to a draw. This ensures full transparency and integrity. It is not enough to state that everything is above board, there must be clear evidence. In the past, the final pre-draw email was the irrefutable evidence of how many shares and tickets were involved in a draw. In the future, there will continue to be pre-draw emails with the additional possibility of last minute Twitter posts. The Twitter posts cannot be recalled or revoked once made, similar to an email. The Twitter posts and pre-draw emails will stand as proof when it comes time to divide up a large win. There will continue to be no ability to introduce any "last minute" shares after the draw.

It is important to note that even though all ticket purchases and group transactions are posted on the website, the website cannot be used as proof. The website can easily be updated after a draw and be made to look like the update occurred prior to the draw. Further to this point, the plan is to temporarily delete the website in the event a group wins a jackpot in order to protect the privacy of the members.

The third and final reason is availability. There are times when access to member email addresses and the website updater program are not available and there is a need to communicate to the membership. In these cases, Twitter will be used to post information. Sometimes the lack of availability to email or websites updates will be known in advance and the members will be informed. Then members can choose to follow the MariosGroups Twitter account just during that period. For example, this situation may occur when I am traveling or on vacation.

In order to read Twitter postings, there is no need to create a Twitter account. If you wish to follow a Twitter account and receive emails or text messages of Twitter postings, then a Twitter account is required. When creating a Twitter account, you will be asked to register with your real name. You are not required to follow this suggestion. You are able to use an alias if you wish to protect your personal information.

I look forward to all questions or suggestions.