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Updated October 13, 2008

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Second Largest Canadian Jackpot - August 6, 2008
Updated October 13, 2008

The Lotto 649 draw on August 6 set a number of records. The jackpot reached $45.1 million and was the second largest Canadian jackpot. The largest jackpot was $54.3 million for the Lotto 649 draw on October 26, 2005. Click here for a complete list of the largest Canadian jackpots. Two tickets shared the $45.1 jackpot. One of the tickets was held by a group. Also, the $54 million jackpot was won by a group. Group play for large jackpots is becoming increasingly popular and is evidenced by the number of group wins. More and more people are realizing that is the best way to overcome the long odds.

The August 6 draw also set the second largest payout percentage record at 95%. The large payout record was the result of a number of factors including a large jackpot and relatively low sales for such a large jackpot. Sales were 32.9 million tickets. That may not seem like low sales until compared to sales of 49.7 million tickets for the record $54.3 jackpot. The record jackpot was 20% larger that the August 6 jackpot but sales were 51% greater. The higher the ticket sales, the more likely the jackpot will be split and therefore the lower the payout percentage.

The other factor that resulted in a record payout percentage was the jackpot deflator rule was applied to the August 6 draw. The jackpot deflator rule distributes more money to lower tier prizes than normal when the jackpot reaches a certain level. This rule increases the payout percentage because lower tier prizes are always paid out unlike the jackpot.

The jackpot deflator rule was not applied to the 54.3 record jackpot because the jackpot was the result of a bonus jackpot campaign. The jackpot deflator rule has been applied a total of 4 times to date.

Had the jackpot deflator rule not been applied to the August 6 draw, the jackpot would have grown to $54.6 million. That is based on the actual August 6 sales. In fact, the jackpot would probably had grown to a much larger value because advertising a jackpot of over $50 million would have increased sales dramatically.

The following were the lower tier prizes for the August 6 draw along with the average and record prizes.

Aug 6 Average Record
Match 4 $201 $70 $227
Match 5 $5,379 $2,057 $6,628
Match 5+ $220,056 $148,706 $772,366

The largest payout was set by the January 2, 2008 Lotto 649 draw at 96%. The significant factor with that draw were the extremely low sales at 16.7 million ticket for a $37.3 million jackpot. The low sales were most likely the result of the draw being just after the new year and there were a large number of big jackpots in the previous month. By the January 2 draw, players did not have much money left.