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Updated September 12, 2007

Playing popular number patterns results in havng to share the jackpot with other winners. Also, in pari-mutuel games like Lotto 649 and Super 7, the lower tier prizes will usually be lower than the average. Mario's Lottery Groups uses the strategy to never play popular number patterns. This is an especially important strategy for group play where the jackpot will be split among members of the group. Our groups goes one step further by playing unpopular numbers thereby increasing the probability that we will hold the only winning ticket. Also, when our groups win lower tier pari-mutuel prizes, they are usually larger than average.

The following are some examples of popular number patterns that were drawn and the resulting prizes.

  1. The lowest ever Lotto 649 5+bonus payout was $11,660.70 on June 19, 1996. The winning numbers were  23  32  34  37  42  43  B24. The red numbers were probably the numbers that most contributed to the 67 winners of the 5+bonus prize. They are all permutations of the digits 2,  3, and 4. The 5+bonus payout averaged $135,193 for the $1 per ticket version of Lotto 649.

  2. Birthday numbers are very popular and for that reason should be also be avoided. The following numbers were drawn on August 13, 2003 for Lotto 649: 5  6  13  16  27  30. There were 5 jackpot winning tickets. Each ticket won $400,000. Sales only supported a total jackpot size of $1.34 million because so many lower tier prizes were paid out. If it was not for the fact the jackpot was boosted by $661,181 to maintain a minimum $2 million jackpot, each jackpot winner would have only won around $270,000.

    In the same draw, a match 4 only paid $43 compared to an average payout of $68. A match 5 only paid $1,050 compared to an average payout of $1,970.

  3. Another example of birthday numbers occured on May 30, 1998 when the following Lotto 649 numbers came up: 1  5  12  13  16  21  20.
    There were 6 jackpot winners. Each ticket won $833,333. The jackpot was boosted by over $700,000 to maintain a minimum jackpot size of $5 million.

    All the lower tier pari-mutuel prizes paid much lower than average. A match 4 paid $46 compared to an average payout of $68, a match 5 paid $1,083 compared to an average payout of $1,970 and a match 5 plus bonus paid $43,138 compared to an average payout of $135,193.

  4. One of the lowest Lotto 649 jackpots occurred on September 9, 1995 with a payout of $316,337. There were a record 8 winning tickets. Sales were only around 19.5 million tickets. The winning numbers were: 2  6  12  18  38  42. Four of the numbers are multiples of 6 and all 6 numbers are even.

  5. The following is an interesting Lottario example. Lottario is a 6/45 lottery played only in Ontario. On May 22, 1999, the following numbers were drawn: 1  2  3  4  5  33  B25.

    The match 4 payout was $16 compared to the average payout of $27. The match 5 payout was $43 compared to the average payout of $812. There were 733 tickets that won the match 5 prize. I suspect that most of those tickets had played the numbers 1  2  3  4  5  6 and therefore only matched 5 of the 6 numbers.

    The jackpot was won by three tickets. What is interesting was that the 5+bonus also had 3 winners. I suspect that 3 people played the numbers 1  2  3  4  5 and wheeled the remaining 40 numbers. Therefore, each of those 3 people won both the jackpot and the 5 + bonus prize.

  6. The following occured on October 17, 1998 for the Ontario 49 lottery. The second prize, match 5 plus bonus, was shared by six winning tickets. Usually there are no winners of the 5 plus bonus prize. In 938 consecutive draws, there were only 27 instances where there were multiple winners of the second place prize. Six winners was a significant exception. The winning numbers were 6  13  19  25  31  48  B7. The number 6 played a significant role. Five of the numbers were in a sequence offset by the value 6. The remaining 2 numbers were a multiple of 6.

  7. The Lotto 649 draw for May 12, 2007 produced some more popular numbers and combinations. The match 4 prize was $38.10. That was close to the record low prize of $37.50. The match 5 prize was $925.30. That was close to the record low prize of $805.30. There were 6 match 5 plus bonus winners - 50% more than the average of 4 winners. The winning numbers were:
    5   7   13   27   45   47   B11.
    The numbers exhibit the following patterns:
    - all numbers are odd
    3 numbers ending in the digit 7
    13 considered a lucky number by many.
    4 birthday numbers
    - 5 prime numbers
    - 7 and 11 used in craps

  8. Another example of birthday numbers producing lower than average payouts occurred again for the Lotto 649 draw on Sept 8, 2007. All the numbers including the bonus number were less than 26. The match 4 prize was only $44.60 compared to an average to-date prize of $70. The match 5 prize was $1,185 compared to the average to-date prize of $2,054. The match 5 plus bonus prize was $68,522 compared to the average to-date prize of $149,503.

  9. The pattern of popular numbers producing lower than average prizes also occurs in the US lotteries. The Mega Millions lottery is a multi-state lottery. All states pay fixed lower tier prizes except for California that pays pari-mutuel prizes. In the September 11, 2007, Mega Millions draw, 4 of the 5 regular numbers and the bonus number were birthday numbers. In California, the match 4 plus Mega Ball prize paid $3,498 compared to the average to-date prize of $13,534.

    The average match 4 prize is $158. The lowest to-date prize is $68 and occurred for the August 22, 2006 Mega Millions draw. The first 4 winning numbers were: 3  4  5  7.