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Open Groups

Group S21
75 shares & $1,500

Group S20
75 shares & $1,500

Group S19
75 shares & $1,500

Closed Groups

Group A46
111 shares & $631

Group A45
108 shares & $90

Group A44
113 shares & $43

Group A43
109 shares & $47

Group A42
115 shares & $4

Group A41
113 shares & $3

Group M41
118 shares & $1,570

Group M40
134 shares & $495

Group M39
117 shares & $150

Group M38
202 shares & $50

Group S18
80 shares & £88.08

Group S17
84 shares & £8.01

Group S16
76 shares & £1.46

Group S14
74 shares & £2.80

Group S10
33 free UK Lotto tickets

Group U22
116 shares & U$138
& C$200

Group U21
83 shares & U$32

Group U20
79 shares & U$4

Groups S19, S20 and S21 launched to buy tickets for the October 18 UK Lotto draw. The jackpot is an estimated £24.8 million (C$41 million).

The jackpot is guaranteed to be won and will be awarded to the ticket(s) that match the most numbers. The payout is expected to be well over 150% - an exceptionally good buying opportunity.

The S groups plan to buy at least 1,523 UK Lotto tickets for the roll down draw on October 18.

The last time there was a roll down draw for UK Lotto, the jackpot was awarded to the tickets that matched 5 numbers plus the bonus. There were two winning tickets and they split £25.5 million. The odds of matching 5+B is 1 in 7.5 million. If the jackpot rolls down to the match 5+B prize tier in the next draw, then with 1,523 tickets, the S groups have odds of 1 in 4,931 of winning a share or all of the jackpot.

The A groups bought 275 tickets for the October 18 Lotto 649 draw.

The $10 million Lotto Max jackpot for the October 13 draw was won - one winning ticket sold in Ontario. Sales of $27.9 million were 27% lower than average and 21% lower than the previous draw. There was a 82% chance the jackpot would not be won, a 16% chance of 1 winning ticket and a 2% chance of 2 or more winners. The payout was very low at 27%. The jackpot was under funded from sales by $2.2 million.
The 20 million Lotto 649 jackpot for the October 14 draw was not won and is an estimated $23 million for the next draw. Sales of $19.4 million were 15% higher than average and 30% higher than the previous draw. There was a 63% chance the jackpot would not be won, a 29% chance of 1 winning ticket and a 8% chance of 2 or more winners. The payout was above average at 65%. The jackpot was under funded from sales by $0.4 million.
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You are invited to join one or more of Mario's Lottery Groups. There are no administration or hidden fees. There are no referral bonuses. Unlike most other online lottery groups, you do not get free tickets to encourage your friends to join. This is not a pyramid scheme. All monies collected are used to buy tickets. All prizes are either distributed to members or used to buy more tickets.

Next possible group play:

UK Lotto* draw
on October 18

Lotto 649* draw
October 18

Powerball* draw
on November 11

Euro Millions* draw
on November 14

Lotto Max* draw
on December 1

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Mario's Lottery Groups is in the top 10 list of world wide lottery groups as rated by Lottery Syndicate World. It is only one of two syndicates in the list that does not charge fees; that is, it does not run as a commercial enterprise.

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